Riding Lessons

1/2 hour private
45 minute private lesson
1/2 hour semi-private (2 sharing – £38.00 each)
45 min semi private (2 sharing - £50 each)
45 minute group 
Tiny Tots session (suitable for 2-7 year olds) (30 minutes)
Junior Jockey session (suitable for 4-12 year olds) (30 minutes)
Pony Play Group (suitable for 2-7 year olds) (60 minutes)
Tea with Timmy (Non-ridden)
Pony Stars (Non-ridden)
RDA Pony Club (Non-ridden)



Able Bodied Riders

 At WRC we offer private one-to-one or group sessions for Able Bodied Riders. To join a group you must be able to walk, trot and canter independently. Groups have a maximum of 6 riders and last 45 minutes.

All new clients require an assessment lesson which is 30 mins and costs £35.00.


Non Riding Activities

Non ridden stable management sessions are £25.00 for an hour.

Non ridden ‘BHS Pony Stars’ Junior challenge award lessons are £14.00 for 1hour 15 mins.

Non ridden pony petting sessions are £20.00 for 30 minutes.

Disabled Riders

If you wish to ride with us you need to create an account on our website via register/login page herePlease note that to safeguard the welfare of our horses the maximum rider weight is 12 stones. Once you’ve been graded please book a 30 minute assessment lesson so we can assess the rider’s individual needs and can be placed into an appropriate group. Groups are a maximum of 6 riders, often less, depending on individuals involved.


Group Lessons – All riders

 Where a group lesson is scheduled and there are only one or two riders in attendance, we reserve the right to reduce the lesson time to 30 minutes, as this equates to a private or semi-private lesson. N.B. The cost of the lesson will remain the same as your normal group lesson charge.


Membership at WRC

Washington Riding Centre Membership Scheme

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• £1 discount off all riding lessons
• Discounts on courses and activities
• Priority bookings for pony care weeks and pony care days


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