Our group operates from our purpose built, British Horse Society Approved Riding Centre, seven days per week, all year round. We have been in Washington since 1977, having originated in South Shields in 1964.

Each week, we provide riding lessons for approximately 130 children and adults with a range of disabilities and special educational needs.

Throughout the years, the benefits of Riding for the Disabled activities have become increasingly recognised by medical and educational establishments as a highly effective therapy. Amongst many proven scientific benefits, horse riding can:  

  • Provide a positive, unique and enjoyable form of therapy; 
  • Bring a new dimension to restricted lives; 
  • Encourage independence; 
  • Promote mental well-being; 
  • Stimulate bonding with these special animals; 
  • and contribute to the improvement of a wide range of medical conditions.

We aim to please…

By using horse riding as an an activity, we can proudly integrate disabled and non-disabled people in an equal, safe and positive environment. 

At Washington Riding Centre, our dedicated Riding for the Disabled team hope to dispel the prejudices and stigma associated with the term ‘disabled’. We aim provide services that cater for all of our riders, in a personable, safe, equal and inclusive manner. At Washington Riding Centre, we encourage inclusivity in all activities, whether it be through horse riding, learning about stable management, to enlightening our riders to the numerous ‘possibilities’ behind a disability.   

We would like to develop our links with mainstream education schools, offering visits and workshops. The ‘Disability Awareness Through Animals’ project takes takes a two-pronged approach, and we wish to implement this in the way our Centre operates. 

  • We want to give children the opportunity to get up close to horses to learn about them, their environment, and their care.
  • Using the centre and the horses, we want to raise disability awareness to encourage volunteering and promote care in the community – we aim to use education to conquer prejudice.

Here at Washington Riding Centre, we also hold a range of activities and events to support our able-bodied riders. Offering riding lessons from the ages of 3-years and above, we love to see our riders having fun and safely developing their skills both on- and off-the horse. 

Our specially trained team of horses and ponies at Washington Riding Centre truly are one of a kind. They love the care and attention they receive daily from our riders. Without our horses and ponies, we wouldn’t be able to offer our enriching and life-changing activities to our riders.

Our licensing details are as follows:
License no. 118
This is to certify that:
Mrs Jane Cherry
Tyne & Wear Riding for the Disabled
Washington Riding Centre
Stephenson Road
NE37 3HR
Has been granted a 5 Star rating